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Epson PLQ-35

Epson PLQ-35, 540 characters per second, 180 x 360 DPI, 360 characters per second, 120 characters per second, 180 characters per second, 10 characters per inch

When a cost-effective solution is needed to replace existing passbook printers, the PLQ-35 is the ideal choice. With a 150% improved mean time between failures of 35,000 hours and reliable matrix technology, you can trust these printers to deliver high-quality output with minimal intervention.

When time is short, the PLQ-35 also offers fast printing with up to 540 characters per second (High-Speed-Draft, 10 cpi), using 24-pin and 94 columns. In addition, up to 6 copies can be produced simultaneously with the original.

In addition to powerful performance, the printer also offers great cost-effectiveness. The ribbon is compatible with the entire Epson Passbook range and provides a budget-friendly printing solution. Control your operating costs while meeting current CSR and industrial waste requirements.