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3Dmakerpro Mole Premium

3D scanner for moles (accuracy 0.05 mm, resolution 0.1 mm, multi-spectral technology) Mole uses a harmless near-infrared (NIR) light source to scan the face. Accurate and detailed scanning Mole achieves an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm and a dot pitch of 0.1 mm for highly accurate and detailed 3D models. Black objects? No problem. Near infrared (NIR) has excellent optical compatibility, so even black objects are clearly visible. Mole now includes NIR in its configuration list, allowing it to achieve excellent scanning results for objects of different colors. Optical anti-shake modules and visual tracking algorithms ensure a complete and accurate model with every scan. With visual tracking technology and our proprietary AI algorithm, Mole enables mark-free scanning and saves you significant time. Optical anti-shake modules Equipped with optical anti-shake modules, Mole ensures smooth and stable scanning, even in handheld mode, with high frame rates and minimal distortion. Comfortable to use. Mole's compact and ergonomic design enables effortless scanning whether in handheld or turntable mode. The internal cooling fan operates quietly but significantly reduces temperatures and allows Mole to be used for longer periods of time. With CONNECT, MOLE becomes a portable scanner. 3DMakerpro Connect is designed for portable and stable scanning. Enjoy the freedom of scanning without limitations, wherever and whenever you want. Tips: Connect requires a power bank with a 12V PD 22.5W type C interface. The 3DMakerpro Connect image processing chip connects Mole to your mobile phone and ensures high-quality scans, even when scanning outdoors. 3DMakerpro Connect connects Mole, tripod, phone and power supply quickly and is always ready to use.